Services at Premier Pathology:
  • Surgical biopsy specimen diagnosis for all body sites including skin, GI, GYN, GU, and nails
  • Liquid and conventional pap smear processing and diagnoses
  • Fine needle and guided fine needle aspiration of masses
  • Fluid cytology processing and interpretation
  • Immunohistochemical and special stains
  • Breast prognostic panels (ER, PR, HER2/neu)
  • Digital images of gross specimens and microscopic findings are included when appropriate
  • Phone consultation for clinical laboratory testing
Quality Diagnoses:
  • Premier is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and licensed by CLIA
  • Pathologists peer review results on all cancers, difficult cases, and up to 10% of cases selected randomly to ensure accuracy
  • Pathologists review all atypical cytology findings
  • Pathologists maintain medical staff privileges at valley hospitals and are members of local medical societies
Diagnostic Service:
  • Pap smear turnaround target is within 24 hours online; 48 hours if abnormal
  • High grade SIL pap results faxed to clinicians
  • Quarterly pap statistics and patient summaries
  • Surgical turnaround time goal is to complete 80% of cases within 24 hours with online access and to complete the most difficult cases within 48 hours
Customer Service:
  • Responsive courier service
  • Friendly staff answers each incoming call to support and serve patients and clients
  • Most insurance is accepted, including Medical and Medicare